Anointing candles

I get terrible insomnia so I got up in the middle of the night and decided to anoint some candles . We Wiccans anoint candles before we use them on our altars or in rituals and sometimes even spells. Candles are anointed by me rubbing a drop of anointing oil into my hand taking two candles in each hand and moving my hand to the top of the candle then to the bottom on both candles. I then light them and hold them up and say “I anoint you in the name of the god and goddess” and snuff them out (candles must never be blown out always snuffed with either a proper candle snuffer, by turning the candle upside down and stubbing it against a table or other surface, or if necessary your fingers). The candles are then wrapped in white linen and stored away till they are ready to be used, the white candles pictured will be used in purifying rituals and spell.

Always be careful when using candles and do not leave them unattended while burning.

If you don’t have any anointing oil be sure to Check Out My Astore (called “Nancy’s Pagan Book Shop” in the sidebar) as I’ve added a section for what anointing oils and supplies Amazon Sells called “Oils And Spell Kits etc” which I will be adding too as I find more items. There’s some really nice stuff in there worth a look certainly.


9 thoughts on “Anointing candles

  1. I love that you added the practical note at the end. I always felt that religion should be practical.I am just visiting for the first time. Looking forward to reading. I am a solitary practitioner/student of druidry, but I have studied Wicca a bit.


  2. I love that you are very balanced and represent the Wiccan practice in such a way…too many nutcases, like the lady you mentioned on goldennibs blog just give the word the notion of crazy old ladies in the woods drinking blood.I don’t practic, studied it and dated a man who did practice…turned out that his ceremonies were so similar to the native american ones that I’d been practicing. I find it fascinating, and I wonder how other religions reconcile the fact that paganism is older than everything else…


  3. you said you, as in WE wiccans anoint candles, “We Wiccans anoint candles before we use them “Let me just ask you this, why are the candles burnt at the wick, if you where simply anointing them for later use?


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