Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace DVD Review.

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace was a spoof 80’s comedy show about a hospital where a hell mouth had been opened and all kinds of strange supernatural things happened. The writer of the show was a narcissistic horror writer called Garth Marenghi who wrote directed and starred in the show as doctor Rick Dagless and the show also starred Todd Rivers as Doctor Lucien Sanchez, Madelaine Wool as Doctor Liz Asher and Dean learner as Thornton Read their boss.
It was brilliant show that hasn’t been repeated enough when you consider what Channel 4 does repeat over and over again, and I was over joyed to finally receive the DVD yesterday it has tons of extras including a hilarious commentary for each episode and even a few hidden eggs. There’s lots more of the interviews with the cast that weren’t included in the original show and even a behind the scenes video supposedly taken by Garth’s wife. There is also an extended version of the Song “One Track Lover” which is worth buying the DVD for alone If you were a fan of this show I highly recommend it. You can find out how to get the eggs and more reviews at the DVD page of the Save Darkplace website here and also sign the petition for a new series to be made as it should have been years ago.

If you’ve never seen it there are lots of clips on youtube and even some full episodes in bits, it’s very funny and features some of the best comedy actors Britain has produced in a long time.

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