The War On Welfare Petition.

The War On Welfare petition is one of the most important petitions the Number 10 site will ever see. The Welfare Reform Bill put the UK Government in breach of the UN Convention on the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and this cannot be ignored. How they respond to our petition will show how much they really care about and respect the UN Convention on Human Rights as whole, and judging by their actions so far as coalition, they care very little. Thousands of disabled people have died, we will probably not know the true number of deaths for a long time, but one day this country will hang it’s head in shame that they let this happen.

We need more than ever to to start discussing the situation with friends and family, and while at other anti-cuts demonstrations. We need to raise awareness of the petition among other groups to bring it to a new audience and get them on side campaigning for us too. We can’t just keep talking amongst ourselves on twitter and facebook, new people have to hear of our campaign and start sharing it with their friends too. Each protest or meeting is a golden opportunity to raise awareness of what has been happening and to let people know they can help by the signing the petition. It also doesn’t hurt to remind people gently that most disabled people aren’t born disabled they become disabled after an illness or accident; and in the future there will be no welfare safety net for anyone if we don’t act now to protect it.

Also never forget a lot of the people effected by these brutal welfare changes cannot physically get to demonstrations because of illness or disability, we have to do this for them too. Print out a poster and put it up somewhere people will see it, I asked our local law center and citizens advice if they could put on up, they both agreed. Request fliers and cards to give out at anti-cuts demos. It would also be great if we could get stickers and badges made up to help promote the campaign too.

If you haven’t already signed it click here to sign the War On Welfare Petition, and be sure to share it, and if you’d like to download a poster to print out and put up Click here to visit the WOW Petition website.  

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