Atos monlogues "Internet Survey number 2" for art action week project.

Picture by Stewart
If we’re going to do any of the Atos monologues I’m going to need a lot of volunteers who can record themselves and somehow send the video, because of the amount of time we have I think we can only do a small part. Mainly because we don’t have time to send larger videos which would probably have to be sent by post on a disc. There are a lot of lines in this part, and the resulting videos will hopefully be short enough to email or send over facebook. If you just upload them to the art action group I can download them from there.
I’ve moved this post onto the blog as it’s easier to share a link to it, and I can strike through the lines that are already taken.  If you want to take part chose the line you want to read from the list below, record it and you can send it to me through facebook. If you don’t use facebook leave a comment and we’ll find another way for you to send me the video. And if the line you wanted has a line through it sorry someone has already taken that one.
Here is the full Atos Monologues 2 script:
The part we are doing is on page 13

We can’t see Post traumatic stress disorder and we’ve never heard of a hippocampus.
You do not meet my limited definition of being disabled
You drive an Audi. How would you afford it? It would be too difficult for a disabled person to get in.
You can text a friend
You can tweet
You watch TV and soaps and can sit comfortably for half an hour.  
I saw you stand up!
‘You’re too young’
You can pick up a £1 coin
“You seem alright to me”
“You’re smiling”
You look butch. Can’t be anything wrong with you.
You could fill in the form.
You brushed your hair this morning and you’re wearing a nice coat
You answered questions that was asked
You traveled by bus
You don’t soil yourself every day.
You could fill in the form
You’re still breathing
You can spell your name backwards
You’re not a dribbling, disheveled lunatic howling at the moon and threatening to axe people to death
You hold eye contact
You don’t look disabled enough to me
You brushed your teeth this morning.
You’re faking it.
You can’t have Post traumatic stress disorder because “you’ve never been in a war zone”
You’re at university.
You have a girl friend.
You don’t look autistic
You can talk
I cannot see anything wrong with you
You moved your leg.
You can lift an empty box up to waist height.
You’re so pretty.
You can’t be disabled because of Tory ideology

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