Time To Boycott Google If You Aren’t Already.

I’ve now moved my blogger Blog over to wordpress as I am sick of Google’s actions, if they aren’t harvesting our data they are  censoring what can and can’t be found.
I first stopped using Google as a search engine years ago as soon as I discovered  https://duckduckgo.com/ which is a search engine that doesn’t store your data or censor the results whenever the government ask them too. I highly recommend it and use it as my start page, there’s also firefox plugin that makes it the default search engine on your browser too, which is useful.The reason I am again angry with Google is I have read an article saying that they have been blocking certain words and domains from results.   the website showing what they’ve been blocking is called Hidden From Google you can find it by clicking the title there.

Sorry about the lack of blog posts I’ve been busy, and been trying to set up a shout-cast station to go with the blog but my internet connection seems too slow to do it. It’s called Crazy Adventures to match the blog and I’m hoping to successfully find a way to broadcast at least once a week. In the meantime you can help out by going to the station and clicking on the thumbs up where says “Vote” and there are stars. If I can get 100 votes I can get an ad free player for the listeners for free.

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